Beauty Trends 2019: tunsori si coafuri ce te vor avantaja in noul an


Iti doresti sa faci o schimbare de look care sa ti se potriveasca si care sa atraga privirile celor din jur? Am facut o lista cu tunsori si coafuri in trend din care te poti inspira in 2019. 

Curajul, naturaletea si feminitatea sunt cele trei cuvinte care descriu noile trenduri in materie de par.

De multe ori, creativitatea si respectarea unor reguli simple duc la aparitia de noi stiluri cand vine vorba de podoaba capilara. Nu vei da gres nici in acest an daca vei alege sa-ti faci suvite in nuante puternice, precum albastru sau rosu aprins, si sa le incadrezi in tunsori si coafuri indraznete.

Iata o galerie foto cu cateva tunsori si coafuri recomandate de experti in 2019!

2. Tunsori si coafuri: un stil aparte – Pixie

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Let’s have a tough but real conversation about your own personal baggage. I had an energy session recently where I had an emotion labeled “self abuse” that needed to be cleared 😧😔. The word “abuse” specifically triggered me… s e l f abuse 😣 ouch. And I really had no idea where that was coming from. It started a deep reflective journey of my own thoughts and beliefs to see what was perpetuating this abuse of myself. Remember our thoughts fuel our beliefs and our beliefs fuel our actions. And even though I work consistently everyday to say and think through affirmations about my strength, my enlightenment, and my good intentions, what I found and have since understood following this session was •little moments• where I kept feeling like I was falling short. Those horribly destructive thoughts regarding “should”s and “not enough”s consistently over time added up and secretly were working to tear me down in the background of my psyche. 🧠 Our minds are VERY powerful things. Now I don’t say this for pity’s sake at all, but what I want to impress upon you is a moment where I could inspire and encourage you to look closely in the same way. What unfair expectations are you placing on yourself? What small or large moments are you abusing yourself? What thoughts are you entertaining consciously or subconsciously that are unfair, untrue or destructive? For me it took some real, dedicated thought but now I can clearly see. 💗 You are worthy You are always enough Everything you ever need to be in this life is already present in you You are always learning and progressing You have wisdom, grace and understanding You have a deeply impactful mission to accomplish in this world, and your positive self thoughts enliven that mission Repeat those words over and over again today (and everyday!) and then sit in that emotional space of grace, self compassion, and an understanding that they are TRUE. • Does this resonate with you? I’m going to work more closely on unpacking what may be standing in your way with your own personal development and baggage for both parents and nonparents here 🙌🏼 I hope that will make a difference for you and spur some healing and empowerment! 💝

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Stilul pixie ramane la fel de popular si in acest an, mai ales ca arata minunat, vesel si original. In plus, parul este ulterior usor de coafat. Un alt avantaj al acestei tunsori este ca te ajuta sa obtii efectul vizual de intinerire. De retinut este si faptul ca stilul usor rebel al coafurii se imbina perfect cu suvitele in culori indraznete.